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About Our Natural Approach to Treating Infertility

Fertility is a complex human function that requires a lot of things to go right at the same time for fertilization to happen. In this process any interruption can upset the chances of fertilization. The foundation of acupuncture, and all of TCM is the promotion of normal flow of blood throughout body’s organs to enhance proper functioning. By unblocking the gates within the body that can impede this flow, acupuncture can help facilitate fertilization through a variety of techniques in both men and women.

Eastern Healing has seen this aspect of their practice increase over recent years as Peter Harvey has gained recognition among medical doctors that refer their patients to him for a natural solution before trying more aggressive pharmaceutical approaches to conception. East meets West in this type of professional collaboration to increase the effectiveness of women undergoing IUI and IVF treatments.

Just as the reasons for difficulty with any specific couple having trouble in this area is unique to them, the variations in treatment are also individually tailored to address their needs. The experience that Eastern Healing has gained over the years however becomes like a reservoir of practical knowledge for each successive patient to draw from.

Although acupuncture is considered “alternative” medicine in the Western sense, its principles are being increasingly recognized by the mainstream medical community as a rational option in addressing fertility challenges. The indisputable logic of seeking balance and harmony within the body as a precondition to anticipating success in the most complicated function of human existence is undeniable.

Initially, the holistic approach seeks to strengthen the patient by reinforcing the immune system and enhancing the overall health profile to prepare the body for fertilization. This improved strength and resistance to disease improves the chances of conception and later, when successful, it diminishes the threat of possible miscarriage. The process is focused on influencing proper ovarian function to establish effective and predictable menstrual cycles that make fertility a realistic expectation.

A Fertile Soul Clinic

Eastern Healing is also a recognized Fertile Soul Clinic and in the role as an affiliate of Fertile Soul follows the philosophy of the organization in the treatment of a wide range of disorders that affect fertility in both direct, and indirect ways.

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