Chinese Dietary Therapy

Wheaton, Joliet, and Chicago Area

We have all heard the phrase, “you are what you eat” but realistically, we are the result of what we eat. Through dietary patterns learned before we could make accurate judgments we all have both good and bad dietary preferences. At Eastern Healing, our comprehensive approach starts with a review of these habits to make sure we are dealing with the right environment for optimal health.

Chinese Dietary Therapy includes the use of a variety of new inclusions in dietary patterns as well as the elimination of some foods that are more prevalent in Western diets. Among the additions might be herbal teas and non-processed fruits and vegetables. The exclusions are foods like refined sugar and flour as well as highly processed foods or foods with high sodium content. All this is designed to help encourage the proper internal environment not only to survive, but rather to thrive.

Eastern Healing Chinese Dietary Therapy

Dietary counseling is provided as a foundation of proper health. In some cases nutrient supplements or herbs may be recommended to deal with specific situations or deficiencies. Circumstances are dealt with on an individualized basis to focus our treatments on optimal health through proper diet as a foundation.

Our Dietary Therapy approach builds strength and proper nutrition to encourage well-being. Take the first step to feeling better by scheduling a Chinese Diet Therapy consultation with Eastern Healing. Call 630-653-4358 today!