Prenatal and Postnatal Support

Holistic Care Before and After Birth

Both during pregnancy and following birth, being your healthiest physically, emotionally and spiritually is vital for both mother and baby. At Eastern Healing we provide women in Joliet, Wheaton and throughout the Chicago area with prenatal and postnatal support to empower wellness and identify any issues that could impact you or your baby. Prenatal support is individualized to each patient, and designed to meet your unique needs while ensuring a healthy pregnancy. Postnatal support is just as important so that you and the new life you have created thrive after you have given birth.

Prenatal Issues can include:

  • Migraines
  • Sciatic pain
  • Back pain
  • Carpel Tunnel Syndrome
  • Morning sickness

Women often experience issues during pregnancy which may include morning sickness, fatigue, insomnia, back pain, muscle cramps, nutritional deficiencies and more. Prenatal care may involve acupuncture, nutrition therapy, and other components of holistic medicine that support your health in a natural way, thereby supporting the health of your baby. When there is a problem, our holistic medicine practitioners work to identify the root cause in order to develop the most effective treatment instead of treating symptoms which is common in modern medicine.

prenatal support

In both prenatal and postnatal support, acupuncture works to balance the energy in the body while reducing stress and promoting healing. Many women find that acupuncture is effective for increasing milk production, promoting good sleep, balancing hormones and more. Postpartum depression is common among women who have given birth; acupuncture and herbal medicine are useful in treating depression and reducing stress so that you can enjoy your pregnancy and be the excited, happy mother you desire to be once your baby has arrived.

Postnatal Issues can include:

  • Postpartum recovery
  • Milk production
  • Postpartum depression
  • C-section scars

There are many factors at play when you conceive. Are you and your baby getting the essential nutrients and minerals necessary to support health? Are you energetic and positive, or fatigued and experiencing some of the negative symptoms many women suffer when pregnant? Tiredness, pain, mood swings, anxiety, nausea and other symptoms can often be avoided by eliminating bad habits, focusing on a healthy diet, and undergoing treatments such as acupuncture that help relax and re-energize. The human body has an amazing ability to heal itself from within in a way that is natural and non-invasive.

Holistic Care Before and After Birth

Herbal medicine is often used in postnatal support, as herbs and other nutrients derived from nature are essential for reducing stress, promoting good sleep, balancing hormones and nutritional support. Both during pregnancy and after delivery, emotional health is extremely important. Chinese medicine works to promote wellness throughout the body and mind so that you feel your best and are capable of caring for your new baby without anxiety, depression or feeling overwhelmed. This is a time in your life that you should feel energized, healthy and happy!

At Eastern Healing we understand your desire to be the healthiest you can be during pregnancy and after giving birth. You have created life, a life that depends on your physical and emotional well-being to thrive. To learn more about the prenatal and postnatal care we provide to women throughout the Chicago area including Joliet and Wheaton, call 630-653-4358 today.