Recurrent Pregnancy Loss Treatment

What to do About Frequent Miscarriage

Recurrent pregnancy loss or frequent miscarriage is devastating for women and couples in Joliet, Wheaton, or the Chicago Area who want so desperately to carry a healthy baby to term. At Eastern Healing, we provide support to promote a healthy pregnancy in a way that is natural and non-invasive. While traditional medicine defines recurrent pregnancy loss as three or more consecutive miscarriages, holistic medicine defines it as two or more consecutive pregnancy losses. Regardless of the number, it is a heartbreaking experience that often leaves you cautious about the viability of future pregnancies.

Miscarriages are fairly common considering they occur in about 15% to 20% of all pregnancies, however frequent miscarriage does not necessarily mean you cannot have a healthy pregnancy that ends in a live birth. In fact, more than 60% of women who have experienced repeat miscarriages have gone on to deliver healthy babies. That said, when you have two or more miscarriages consecutively, it may indicate there is an underlying issue. Holistic or Traditional Chinese Medicine is centered on identifying the underlying cause of illness or disease in the body rather than treating symptoms. Some of the factors in frequent miscarriage include endocrine issues such as polycystic ovarian syndrome , thyroid disease, fibroids or other uterine anomalies, environmental factors, genetics and lifestyle.

Recurrent pregnancy loss usually indicates a problem with the pregnancy; it is the body’s way of ending a pregnancy that was not progressing as it should. From progesterone deficiency to blood clotting disorders or chromosomal abnormalities, holistic medicine frequently addresses these issues when combined with lifestyle changes. When you want to conceive a healthy baby and expand your family, it is important to limit or avoid alcohol, caffeine and other substances; avoiding tobacco or potentially dangerous drugs is also vital to a healthy pregnancy. Dietary changes along with acupuncture, herbal medicine, massage and other modalities of traditional Chinese medicine support wellness so that you are at your healthiest before becoming pregnant, and throughout your pregnancy.

Recurrent Pregnancy Loss Treatment

Achieve Overall Health and Wellbeing

A healthy diet, stress reduction, emotional well-being, balance in the body and reproductive system; all of these things and more play a role in conceiving and carrying a healthy baby to term. Stress is a factor in many diseases and illnesses, and impacts the reproductive system as well. Your overall physical, emotional, and spiritual well-being directly affect your baby, so it is critical to be at your best. We work personally with our patients to help empower your health and heal your body from within. Recurrent pregnancy loss does not have to be something that controls your future.

Recurrent Pregnancy Loss Treatment

At Eastern Healing we are committed to helping women and couples throughout the Chicago Area learn more about frequent miscarriage and how holistic medicine can empower wellness and turn things in a positive new direction.