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our acupuncturists are trained in the Chinese art of Acupuncture

At Eastern Healing, our acupuncturists are trained in the Chinese art of Acupuncture. In fact, owner Peter Harvey has has a Masters Degree in Traditional Chinese Medicine.

Acupuncture is used to treat many different diseases and medical conditions. It is also used as a natural treatment for infertility.

Find out how acupuncture can help you. Schedule an appointment in our Wheaton or Joliet clinics by calling 630-653-4358 today.

What is Acupuncture?

Acupuncture uses specially placed hair thin needles to enhance the natural healing ability of the body. Acupuncture is a method of encouraging the body to promote natural healing. By inserting the needles at specific points in the body along acupuncture channels, the points have been identified to have the ability to affect biochemical and physiological conditions in order to treat a wide variety of illnesses. Along the acupuncture channels there are specific acupuncture points that have a designated electrical sensitivity that stimulate various sensory receptors that can stimulate the hypothalamic-pituitary system in the brain.

Acupuncturists believe that within these channels an energy exists called qi (chee). It is when there is blockages or imbalances of this within the body and organ system is when disease develops. Within the human there are over 365 acupuncture points not including extra points and points located on Microsystems within the body ie: the ear.

The Food and Drug Administration considers acupuncture needles to be legitimate medical instruments. At Eastern Healing we only use sterile disposable needles.


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